Calendar view of consecutive entries changes with Duration format

The display of consecutive entries (one ending at 18:00 and the other on starting at 18:00) changes depending on the Duration format parameter.
If Full (hh:mm:ss), then the two entries appear consecutively one after the other.
If Compact (h:mm), then they appear staggered, as if they were overlapping.
I would like it to be displayed like in the first case, but for also the Compact case.

Thank you!

Hi @matthieuheitz, welcome to the Clockify forum.
Could you please let me know if you are creating your time entries manually or using a timer mode?

I don’t remember exactly, I’ve been trying both since I’m just discovering how to use the app.
Is there a way for me to tell?

Hi there!

There isn’t a way to say for sure for previous entries. However, you can test this behavior again with both manual and a timer mode and let us know what happens. If needed, you can contact us at, and provide a few screenshots of the issue and we will happily assist you.