Autotracker and calendar issues


New user here - testing Clockify with Autotracker on Windows. There are couple of issues with the app that could be improved:

Windows App - Autotracker:

  1. It slows down browser (Chrome) - there are noticable occasional freezes when scrolling website if autotracker is running
  2. Autotracker window: there is no on mouse hover change of minimize/maximize buttons, double clicking on title bar does not maximize window… UX should be improved
  3. Autotracker timeline: it’s not clear what timeline is representing. Clicking on timeline should highlight recorded task in the table below the timeline
  4. Merge adding tasks: start and end times should be unlocked so we can modify them…
  5. Idle time should be also logged as a separate line so user can add it manually as an offline work task

In my opinion better autotracker window should be revamped. It would be calendar view where logged taks are displayed inside calendar like view so user can drag tasks around and change it’s duration, merge them

Web app Calendar view:

  1. Interface fees a bit slugish because when dragging a new task animaton lacks behind cursor. Therefore it’s difficult to add task precisely. Animation is really not needed.
    See here.
  2. We should be able to define snap-to-time resolution in calendar view (ex. 5/10/15/30 min…)

Hi there, welcome to Clockify Forum!

Thank you for trying out our app, and for reporting these.

Could you please reach out to our support team at email, so we can troubleshoot this deeper with you?
Also, if possible, please record a short video showing the issues you are experiencing as this could help us investigate this.

Looking forward to your email. Cheers!

Sure, will do. Thanks for fast reply!